Jazz After Jazz

The Mon Repos Combined School recently held its annual Jazz after Jazz on June 12th 2016. This is held every year as a means of aiding the school to raise funds in order to maintain the running of the schools everyday activities. However, this year, part of proceeds will be donated to Clianna Mathurin. Clianna is a past student of the Mon Repos Combined school who has been suffering from Lupus for the couple of years. Her treatments are very costly and as a result the school has decided to help in whatever way possible.

This year the Mon Repos Jazz after Jazz line up included a few popular artist such as Ezra, Sedale, Mogee, and Surbance. Also performing along side these artist were Envouge, Free Flow, Laborie Stilt Walkers, Avotsevis, Addicion Band and the C4 Band. The School also graced its audience with a few performances from the school dance group and a solo from Sherrian Mathurin.

Below are a few pictures from the event.


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